This figure has two graphics. The first graphic represents half of Form 2555, page 1:The name is Tanya Balsam.The TIN is 000-00-2257.The foreign address on line 1 is Barcelona, Spain.A POD (Post of Duty) code of SP is edited in red in the top-center margin of Form 2555. The POD is edited from line 1.On line 10, the taxpayer entered the beginning Bona Fide Residence date as 05/09/22 and the ending Bona Fide Residence date as 05/17/23. Bona fide residence dates can only start in January, but since the taxpayer qualifies for the exclusion, the dates are moved to Physical Presence.The second graphic shows the top of Form 2555, page 2. The dates have been entered in the Physical Presence Test on line 16 in YYMM format. The beginning date is edited in red as 2205 and the ending date is 2305.