This figure contains five graphics. The first graphic represents Form 1040 (page 1) with the entity section completed showing a joint filing:The primary taxpayer’s name is Lee Laloafu.The primary TIN is 000-00-4836.The secondary taxpayer’s name is Pattie Laloafu.The TIN is 000-00-3846.The street address is P.O. Box 8665.The city field says Pago Pago, American Samoa. American Samoa is circled in red.In the state field, the letters AS is edited in red as the valid abbreviation of American Samoa.The ZIP code is 96799.Below the digital assets question in the open space, CCC B is edited horizontally in red.A red X is edited to the left of the Form 1040, lines 1a and 1z amounts of 41715.A red X is edited to the left of the Form 1040, line 8 amount of <41715>.The amounts on lines 1a, 1z, and 8 were X-ed because the taxpayer’s income was exempt due to the exclusion from the filing of Form 4563.To the lower-left margin, edited in red, are the block letters B and L, placed horizontally. The B is an RPC (Return Processing Code) which indicates that the taxpayers are not eligible for EIC (Earned Income Credit) because they reside in a U.S. territory. The L is for a blank return as all of the line entries were X’d.The second graphic represents page 2 of Form 1040, which is blank.The third graphic shows Schedule 1, lines 8z, 9 (total other income), and 10 each with a negative entry of 41715 (in brackets) with a red X over the entire Schedule 1 since there are no T-lines left. Exempt 931 was entered by the taxpayer to the left of line 8z.The fourth graphic represents Form 4563. The taxpayer’s name is Lee Laloafu. The TIN is 000-00-4836. Line 7 and line 15 both show the amount of 41715 (the same amount that the taxpayer is excluding).The fifth graphic represents Form 3471-E with a red 1 edited on line 8 (Form 4563 Indicator), since Form 4563 is attached to Form 1040.