Form 3520-A, Page 1Summary: This is an example of a current year Form 3520-A, Page 1 showing the placement of the edited characters which will be transcribed. A {T} identifies the position of the edited character. A {T} appears to the left of the pre-printed tax year to indicate the location of the edited tax period. Annual Information Return of Foreign Trust With a U.S. Owner {T}Line 1a - Name of foreign trust: {T}.Line 1b - Employer identification number: field contains {T}.Line 1c - Number, street, and room or suite no. (if a P.O. box, see instructions): field contains {T}.Line 1d - Date foreign trust was created {T}.Line 1e - City or town: field contains {T}.Line 1f - State or province: field contains {T}.Line 1g - ZIP or postal code: field contains {T}.Line 1h - Country: field contains {T}.Line 2 - Did the foreign trust appoint a U.S. agent (defined in the instructions) who can provide the I.R.S. with all relevant trust information? checkbox Yes, checkbox No: field contains a {T}. {T} CCC {edited below line 2a}.{T} Received Date {edited to the right of Line 2e}.Line 3a - Name of U.S. agent: field contains {T}.Line 3b - Identification number: field contains {T}.To the right of Line 3b, margin contains {T}.Line 4a - Name of trustee: field contains {T}.Line 4b - Identification number, if any: field contains {T}.To the right of Line 4b, margin contains {T}.Line 5- Enter the number of Foreign Grantor Trust Owner Statements (page 3) included with this Form 3520-A: field contains {T}.Line 6 - Enter the number of Foreign Grantor Trust beneficiary Statements (page 5) included with this Form 3520-A. filed contains {T}Under Trustee's Signature or U.S. Owner’s:Trustee's Signature or U.S. Owner’s: field contains {T}Preparer PTIN: field contains {T}Paid Preparer Use Only, Firm’s EIN: field contains {T}.Phone no: field contains {T}.{T} Action Codes {edited at the bottom of the page}