Form 3520-A, Page 3Foreign Grantor Trust Owner StatementSummary: This is an example of page 3 of Form 3520-A showing the placement of the edited characters which will be transcribed. A {T} identifies the position of the edited character.Under Foreign Grantor Trust Owner Statement:Line 5 - The tax year of the owner of the foreign trust to which this statement relates: field has {T}.Line 6a - Name of U.S. owner: field has {T}.Line 6b - Identification number: field has {T}.Line 6c - Number, street, and room or suite no. (if a P.O. Box, see instructions): field has {T}.Line 6d - City or town: field has {T}.Line 6e - State or province: field has {T}.Line 6f - ZIP or postal code: field has {T}.Line 6g - Country: field has {T}.Line 9 - Gross value of the portion of the trust treated as owned by the U.S. owner $: field has {T}