Editing Part IThis figure illustrates the editing of the PART number on a Form 8288. This figure displays the Part I entity part of Form 8288. The DLN of the return appears in the upper right corner of the return. It reads as: 00140-062-00027-0 The tax period 202021 is edited and to the right of the title of Form 8288.Edited to the left of the Part I name is the number 1.Edited above line 3, Part I and to the left margin of the bottom second row of Line 2 is Computer Condition Code X.Cedar Inc. is the name appearing on Line 1, Row 1. {The name control Ceda is underlined.The TIN 00-9876543 appears in the box field at the end of Line 1, Row 1, after the name.The address is 4815 Oak Blvd. and it appears on Line 1, Row 2.The City, State, and Postal Code on Line 1, Row 3, reads as Tampa, FL 33602.The description and location of the property acquired on Line 2, reads as 1548 Fir Blvd Miami, FL 33152The Date of Transfer on Line 3, reads as 12/28/2020.