Manage Sample ScreenManage Sample EQSP hyperlinks are at the top right of the screen. (START) From the Left: Change Password, Self-Unlock Options and Logout (END).Below the Manage Sample EQSP hyperlinks is the ‘Manage Sample’ title. Below the title, there are six hyperlinks; (START) from the Left: Add DCI, Delete DCI, View/Edit DCI, Compete DCI, Single Event Report, and Back to List (END).Following the hyperlinks, the following information is listed in three rows: SEID, Operation, Department and Team; OFP and Review Type; and Sample Header ID, Review Date, and Input Date. One checkbox (Left) of column Headers; with the headings of (START) from the Left: DCI, Status, Program, Category, Schedule, and Defect (END).Followed by each ‘Sample’ row shown having one checkbox (Left) and displaying information for the Sample’s: DCI, Status, Program (drop-down List), Category (drop-down List), Schedule (checkbox), and Defect (END).