Review Summary ScreenReview Summary (Title: EQSP) hyperlinks are at the top right of the screen. (START) From the Left: Change Below the title EQSP are four rows (in three columns) showing the ‘Review Header information’. (START) from the Left: DCI Number, SEID, and Reviewer SEID; Sample Pull, Review Date, and Input Date; Operation Department, and Team; and Function, Program and Review Type (END).Next row displays the title: ‘Quality Review Summary’ with two hyperlinks (Far Right): Edit Review Details and Finish (END).Next the ‘Defects Summary’ has two rows of bullets that displays: The Sample Pull Id is: and Total number of defects found:.The Quality Review Summary column header is shown (START from the Left): Form, Section, Line Number, Line Text, Defect Type, Description, and IRM Reference (END); showing the Quality Review Summary results in the rows below.