Single Event Sample Pull ReportSingle Event Sample Pull Report (Title: EQSP) hyperlinks are at the top right of the screen. (START) From the Left: Export to Excel, Back Report Selection, Back To List, and Back To Searched Review List (END).Below the title EQSP, (center of page) are two rows: Title: “Single Event Sample Pull Report”, then the “Sample Pull:” number.Next, the Single Event Sample Pull Report header includes the following rows information (START) from the Left: Employee SEID, Review Date and Employee Initials line; Team, Review Type, and Date line; Total DCI Sample and Report Run Date; and Total Defective DCIs.The next row has the DCI Details title (center page) followed by two rows of information (START) from the Left: OFP and Defect Count.The next row has the Defect Details title (center page) followed by rows of “DCI # – “headers, with each “DCI # – “ header is followed by a row of additional headers with the information of (START) from the Left: Form, Section, Location, Opportunity, Defect Type, Defect Description, Defects and IRM Ref (END).