Employee Report Employee Report (Title: EQSP) hyperlinks are at the top right of the screen. (START) From the Left: Export to Excel, Back Report Selection, and Back To List (END).Below the title: EQSP, (center of page) is the title: “Employee Report”. Below the “Employee Report” title is the Employee Report header consisting of two columns (Left and Right).The Left-column of the Employee Report header consist of the following rows of information: (TOP) Period Covered, Name, Employee SEID, Series/Grade, and Team (END).The Right-column of the Employee Report header consist of four columns and five rows of information, (START) from the left: Review Type (has five rows: Individual Performance, High Quality, Team Defect, Learning Curve and Managerial/OJT); and for each ‘Review Type’, columns, DCIs (Number), Def DCIs (Number), and Accuracy (percentage) (END).Next, the Employee Report shows headers for: OFP, Review Type and followed the Sample Pull Count, Total DCIs, and Total Defective DCIs information.For each OFP, the ‘Defect Details’ headers include: Form, Section, Location, Opportunity, Defect Type, Defect Description, Total Defects.