Team Report Team Report (Title: EQSP) hyperlinks are at the top right of the screen. (START) From the Left: Export to Excel, Back Report Selection, and Back To List (END). Below the title: EQSP, (center of page) is the title: “Team Report”. Below the “Team Report” title is the Team Report header consisting of two columns (Left and Right).The Left-column of the Team Report header consist of the following rows of information: (TOP) Period Covered, Run Date, Operation, Department, Team, DCIs, Defective DCIs, and Accuracy (with the note of: “* Used in Accuracy calculation”) (END). The Right-column of the Team Report header consist of four columns and eight rows of information, (START) from the left: Review Type (has seven rows: *Individual Performance, *High Quality, *Team Defect, Learning Curve, Managerial/OJT, Product, and Total); and for each ‘Review Type’, columns, DCIs (Number), Def DCIs (Number), and Accuracy (percentage) (END).Next, the Team Report shows the title “Top 5 Defects” (Center page), and the next row displays the headers of (START) from the left: Form, Section, Location, Opportunity, Defect Type, Defect Description, and Defect Count (END). Next title “Employee Summaries” (Center page), and the next rows displays the ‘Employee Name headers for each employee (with the employee’s SEID in round brackets); followed the next having the information of (START) from the left: Total DCIs, Total Defective DCIs, and Total Defects (END).