Sample Exhibit for Use with Flow-Through EntitiesThe first line states Exhibit A The second line is blank The third line states, Name of S Corporation: The fourth line is blank. The fifth line states, Shareholder: The six line is blank The seventh line states, Percentage of stock ownership: 2001: Then the table below is inserted. After the table is a blank space where the explanation of adjustments can be entered.Taxable Year Ended 12/31/XXXXTaxable Year Ended 12/31/XXXXTaxable Year Ended 12/31/XXXXOrdinary income per return as filed$$$Increases (Decreases) to income:a.b.Ordinary income as correctedYour distributive share of ordinary income$$$Less: ordinary income reported on your returnIncrease (Decrease) in ordinary income$$$(Separately stated) per return as filed$$$Increase (Decrease) to (separately stated)(Separately stated) as corrected$$$Your distributive share of (separately stated)$$$Less: (separately stated) reported on your returnIncrease (Decrease) in (separately stated)$$$EXPLANATION OF ADJUSTMENTS