Flowchart of Net Rate Netting (NRN) Procedures Page 1Start This is the start of the flowchart.Process 1If TP mentions NRN at initial conference, discuss NRN with TP.Process 2Does TP request NRN?If yes, proceed to Process 3.If no, continue to End.Process 3Is it an oral request?If yes, proceed to Process 4.If no, proceed to Process 6.Process 4Instruct TP to provide a written NRN per Rev. Proc. 99-43 or Rev. Proc. 2000-26.Process 5Does TP provide written NRN?If yes, proceed to Process 6.If no, continue to End.Process 6Date stamp the NRN.Process 7Prepare Letter 4126, Acknowledgment of Net Rate Netting Request. Make a copy of Letter 4126 and the original request for the case file and issue Letter 4126 with a copy of the request to the TP.Process 8Is NRN complete per Rev. Proc. 99-43 or Rev. Proc. 2000-26?If yes, go to Page 3.If no, go to Page 2.EndThis is the end of Page 1 of the flowchart.