Flowchart of Net Rate Netting (NRN) Procedures Page 4From Page 3Continue here from Page 3.Process 21Are any of the overlapping periods attributable to same TP per IRC §6621(d)?If yes, proceed to Process 22.If no, proceed to Process 23.Process 22Is NRN complete (per Rev. Proc. 99-43 orRev. Proc. 2000-26) for the periods that are the same TP per IRC §6621(d)? If yes, go to Process 24.If no, go to Page 2.Process 23Mark through the date stamp on NRN request and initial it.Continue to Process 24.Process 24Prepare Letter 4128, NRN Request Involving More Than One TIN. Make a copy of Letter 4128 and the original request for the case file and issue Letter 4128 with the original request to the TP.Continue to End.EndThis is the end of Page 4 of the flowchart.