In addition to the location of the PBC, FLC, and EGC locations, this exhibit outlines which campuses are the W&I campuses with their Area Office and the SBSE campuses with their Area Offices.The W&I campus PBC's are: 190 - Andover Area Office 1XX191 - Atlanta Area Office 1XX192 - Austin Area Office 1XX193 - Fresno Area Office 1XX194 - Kansas City Area Office 1XXThe SBSE campus PBC's are: 295 - Brookhaven Area Office 2XX296 - Cincinnati Area Office 2XX297 - Memphis Area Office 2XX298 - Ogden Area Office 2XX299 - Philadelphia Area Office 2XXThe W&I Campuses Campus File Location Codes are: 08 - Andover07 - Atlanta18 - Austin09 - Kansas89- FresnoThe SBSE Campuses Campus File Location Codes are: 19 - Brookhaven17 - Cincinnati49 - Memphis29 - Ogden28 - Philadelphia