Required field – Adjustment Sequence Number – Identifies the sequence of work performed. Values are 1 through 999.Required field – Blocking Series – Identifies the nature of the adjustment.Elective – Correspondence Date – Identifies the date of the taxpayer’s correspondence.Required field – Transaction Code – Identifies actions being taken on a taxpayer’s account.Required field – Transaction amount – Identifies the amount associated with the TC. A minus (-) following the amount identifies a decrease or credit amount.Required field – Source Code – Identifies the source of information used for the adjustment. Required field – Reason Code – Identifies the reason for adjusting/changing the taxpayer’s account.Required field– Hold Code – Identifies whether to restrict offsetting, refunding, or issuance of adjustment notice.Elective - Priority Code are input to bypass certain unpostable checks. Elective – Posting Delay Code – Identifies the number of cycles the posting action is being deferred. Values are 1 through 6.Required field – Item Reference number/Credit Reference Number – Identifies the specific item being adjusted.Required field – Amount – Identifies the amount associated with the item/credit reference # code. A minus (-) sign identifies a decrease or credit.Required field – Source Document Attached – Identifies if back-up material supporting the adjustment is attached, Values are: - Y – Source document attached - N – No source document attached- R – Source document retainedRequired field – Remarks – Provides a brief explanation of the adjustment. Must contain at least three characters