The top third of this form identifies specific information about the reconsideration. The bottom two thirds provide check boxes that instructions for the clerical/processing unit. The bullet list identifies the first third of the form. Taxpayer NameTaxpayer AddressSSNMFT/Tax Year/ProgramTelephone NumberPower of AttorneyIRS Received DateThe following items are the titles of the check boxes in the bottom two thirds of the page. Complete Form 911, send to TAS, and Control case to examiner.Re-open on AIMS for Correspondence Exam.Assign to Audit Recon TE. Open controls on IDRS and CEAS.Send Letter 3338C, close on CEAS using Status Code 72.The following line has three check boxes and are: Send Interim LetterSend Letter 2645Send Letter 2644The remaining lines each have one box on each line. They are: Transfer to Area Office - Establish AIMS control.Transfer to Appeals.Route to Classification.Request Administrative File.Transfer to Other Site: Site IdentifiedMisroute - return to:Area Office Recon to be worked in Campus Audit Recon Unit - Assign Project Code 0001 to CEAS record.Send 86C letter.Send 96C letter.Staup.A line to write additional remarks/comments is present and titled Additional Remarks.There is a line titled First Read Examiner/Campus for the name and campus of the examiner preparing the sheet.There is one additional line, on the same line as the examiner line for the date and the title of it is Date.