Exhibit 4.37.1-1: Financial Products Specialist’s Report is in a form. The first section of the form consists of a title row with the following bold text Financial Products Examiner’s Report. Immediately below the title row are three numbered sections of the form. The first section contains fields for the Taxpayer’s Name, address and EIN/SSN of the Taxpayer, Activity Code, Type of Return, BOD, FP team number, FP manager, Start Date, and Report Date . The second section includes checkbox for the case type. The selections include LCC case, Campaign case, CAP case, HII case, and Consultation only. In addition, this section has a field for Total Hours. The third section is titled Recommendation By Financial Products Examiner. Below the title, there is a table with six columns with five rows within the columns for data. The header rows are titled, starting on the left, Year Ended or Period, Taxable Income adjustments – Increase or (Decrease), Estimated Deficiency, SAIN / UIL Combo, Disposition Type, and Examination Hours. The next three rows allow space to enter the information from the case. The fifth row within the columns is for Totals, applicable to the second, third and last column only. The sixth and last row within the columns is Total Agreed, applicable to the second and third columns only. Columns not applicable to a specific row are greyed out. Immediately below this table is a listing of Disposition Codes and several blank lines (not inside the table) for Comments. The Disposition Codes are:A = AgreedNA = UnagreedP = PartialNC = No ChangeWD = WithdrawnThe next section is a section to add Comments. The last section of the form is a signature section. This section includes fields for the Financial Products Examiner’s Name, Signature, Contact Information, and Date Signed. The section also includes fields for the Financial Products Team Manager’s name, Signature, Contact Information, and Date signed.