This is a sample of part 5 of Form 2433, Notice of Seizure. In the box titled Seizure number, enter the seizure number and see IRM In the box title Estimated expenses of seizure and sale, enter the amount of the estimated expenses. In the column next to the property description, enter the estimated value opposite each asset listed. Enter the total in the Total block at the bottom. See IRM In the box titled taxpayer’s total estimated equity, enter the fair market value less senior encumbrances and expenses of seizure and sale. If the estimated equity exceeds the taxpayer’s liability, the liability should be shown as the estimated, see Policy Statement 5-35. In the box titled property located or stored at, for personal property enter the property address and include any contact names and telephone numbers. For real property, enter the address of the real property. The PALS will sign and date Part 5 when custody of the asset or assets are transferred. If the asset is stored in an IRS office, select the box designated yes. In the box titled disposition of property and date, enter the manner of disposition of the property, and amount. Property is redeemed when full amount of levy (including expenses) is satisfied; property is released if partial payment is received. Note: Parts 3 and 4 of the Form 2433 are the releases of levy and may be addressed to the party from whom the assets were seized, the taxpayer, or the owner, as appropriate.