This exhibit is a flowchart that provides information on how to distribute seizure documents when there are different types of assets seized or the assets are seized from different locations. See the instructions below.When different types of assets are seized from one taxpayer at one location on the same date, one Form 668-B is used. Multiple forms 2433 can be used with alpha sequences when the property consists of cash register contents, perishable goods, and real or personal property.If the taxpayer has assets at three different sites with different parties in custody of the property, then multiple forms 668-B and 2433 would be used for each location and each would be assigned a separate seizure number. Different assets types seized from the same location would receive alpha sequences.If seizures are conducted on different dates, even if they are seized from the same location, separate forms 668-B and 2433 would be required and the seizures would be assigned different seizure numbers.