This is a sample letter to the Joint Committee for an expedited refund where the TEFRA issues are resolved.The left side of the letter is addressed from:Internal Revenue ServiceAppeals Office (Office address)There is a space to enter the date.The letter is addressed to:The ChairmanJoint Committee on TaxationAttention: Sr. Refund CounselC:JC:3565/IR1111 Constitution Avenue, NWWashington, DC 20224The right side of the letter contains the following information:Department of the TreasuryPerson to Contact: Name, Employee ID Number, telephone, and fax numbersRefer Reply to: contact office symbolsRelated Cases: (if applicable)In the center of the letter after the from address and contact information in bold and capital letters is: EXPEDITE REFUNDThe letter contains the greeting Dear Mr. Chairman.The text states:As required by Section 6405 of the Internal Revenue Code, the following refunds or credits of income taxes are reported in favor of Paul and Susan Petunia, XYZ-12-3456, of Anytown, USA:The text of the letter then contains a four column table with two rows. Reading from left to right, the rows are as follows:Row 1:YearProposed Refund Section 6405(a)Tentative Allowance Section 6405(b)Net Refund or CreditRow 2:2000$2,632,790$2,320,743$4,953,533The principal cause of the overpayment was due to losses generated by ABC Partnership. The agreement to the partnership adjustments was by Form 870-PT(AD), a copy of which is enclosed.This is a request for an expedited refund. A supplemental report will follow.The letter is signed: Sincerely and there is an instruction to use the appropriate official's name.There is a space for enclosures. There is a note at the bottom of the second page that states: See IRM for latest instructions for address and mailing information