This exhibit contains a sample Form 3210 that is used to notify the CTF to close a non-docketed AAR with no adjustments and a petition is expected to be filed.The Form 3210 is addressed to the key case CTF. The remarks section has the following text: Non-docketed AAR, Closed-No Adjustments, Expect TMP Petition.The Form 3210 contains the following information:Name of Partnership: EIN: Year(s): MFT: 06Form: 1065Section 6229(a) Statute Date: Section 6228(a)(2) Statute Date: Enclosures:The following enclosed forms are marked Information Only - Do Not Mail to TaxpayerCopy of Form 5402Copy of Appeals Case MemoSmall EnvelopeNecessary Actions:Acknowledge receipt by returning Part 3 of Form 3210 within 10 days Conform partner returns to Schedules K-1 from original Form 1065 if partner has not accurately reported partnership items by section 6229(a) statute dateDo not unlink partner casesThe TMP will probably petition the AARThe From field at the bottom left of the Form 3210 contains the following information: Appeals Office Address