This is a completed Form 4605-A, Examination Changes-Partnerships, Fiduciaries, S Corporations, and Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporations (Unagreed and Excepted Agreed) for Flower Partnership.The top of the page reads Information Only - Do Not Mail to Taxpayer and Appeals SettlementThe following fields are completed:Page 1 of 1 PagesName and Address: Flower Partnership, First Kale Street, Anyplace, US XX001Form Number: 1065Year: 12/31/2008Adjustments to ordinary, distributable net, or taxable income:Line 1. Depreciation is decreased by $50,000Line 2. Total adjustments to ordinary, distributable net, or taxable income: $50,000Line 3. Ordinary, distributable net, or taxable income as reported: minus $150,000Line 4. Corrected ordinary, distributable net, or taxable income: minus $100,000Line 5.a. Other adjustments: Basis of energy property is decreased by $2,300,000 from $2,300,000 to $0In the remarks section at the bottom, the text states:IRC 6662 applies: 20% negligenceIRC 6404(g) Notice Date: 7/1/2010IRC 6404(g) Notice: 60-day letterNote to CTF: Amounts not shown on the Form 886-Z are accepted as shown on the Form 1065 and Schedules K-1.Information Only - Do Not Mail to TaxpayerAppeals SettlementExaminer's Signature: Jean TulipEmployee ID: X0000123XXArea Office: Anytown AppealsDate 06/05/20YY