This exhibit contains a sample Form 3210 that is used to notify the CTF to mail a settlement offer.The Form 3210 is addressed to:Key Case CTFThe remarks section has the following text: TEFRA Partnership and CTF to mail settlement offer to partners. The Form 3210 contains the following information:Name of Partnership:EIN:Tax Year(s):MFT:Statute Date:Form:Enclosures:Schedule of Adjustments page for Form 870-LT(AD) or 870-PT(AD), Small return envelopThe following copies of forms are marked Information Only - Do Not Mail to Taxpayer:Form 5402Appeals Case MemorandumForm 4605-AForm 886-ZNecessary Actions:Return a copy of Form 3210 within 10 days in the envelope.Issue letters and agreements to all partnersTMP has approved Schedule of AdjustmentsProcess Forms 870-LT(AD) or 870-PT(AD)Return a photocopy of the executed agreement forms to the Appeals office at the address below within five (5) days of executionInclude instructions to CTF for handling penalties and affected items, if applicableSection 6404(g) Notice Date: _______ Section 6404(g) Notice: Type of NoticeThe From field at the bottom left of the Form 3210 contains the following information: Appeals Office AddressThe Releasing Official field contains the following information: Appeals Officer or other Releasing Official