Exhibit 20.2.14-7 ACT/DMI Report 490 Activity Summary (200412)This is the example of the ACT/DMI interest computations 490 report showing verification of the previously assessed underpayment interest for the 200412 tax year as explained in the text. The top section of the report provides the title section with taxpayer identifying information and then the ACT/DMI status reflected on the left and right of the report.Report Title: 490 Activity Summary - 20.2.14-7 OrleansTaxpayer Identifying Information:FED - **-***Orleans 1120 Tax Period: 200412Top Left:Run Method: IRS DefaultInterest To: 08292008GATT Method: Retain Character (New)LCU Method: Default IRSUnderpay Net Start: All Dates IncludedTop Right:Module Status: Open/(Open)GATT Date: 01011995 Amount $10,000LCU Interest Date: LCU Interest is OFFOverpay Net Start: All Dates IncludedThe second section of the report provides information on the types of transaction codes being adjusted (amounts enclosed in parentheses represent a credit amount).Date TranscriptDate StartDate Adj/EndDescriptionSusp/EqualPrincipalBalance03152005150 Return Filed and Assessed Tax Liability150,000.00150,000.0003152005610 Remittance with Return(150,000.00)0310200803152005291 Abatement Prior Tax Assessment Per Form 1120X from TP(100,000.00)(100,000.00)082920081004 Refund Interest High17,858.64(82,141.36)08292008840 Manual Refund100,000.0017,858.64The third section of the report provides information on the interest computation details (amounts enclosed in parentheses represent a credit amount).Interest Computation DetailsInterest Start DateInterest End DateDescriptionAmountFactorInterestBalance03152005150 Return Filed and Assessed Tax Liability150,000.00291 Abatement Prior Tax Assessment(100,000.00)610 Remittance with Return(150,000.00)(100,000.00)0316200508292008Overpay(10,000.00)0.234758469(2,347.58)Overpay GATT(90,000.00)0.172345026(15,511.05)(117,858.64)08292008840 Manual Refund100,000.001004 Refund Interest High17,858.64The bottom section of the report provides the “Account Summary” information.Account SummaryAccount Summary:As ComputedPer TranscriptAdjustmentDeficiency InterestOverpayment Interest(17,858.64)(17,858.64)Principal BalanceTotals(17,858.64)(17,858.64)0.00