Exhibit 20.2.14-10 ACT/DMI Report 530 Post Netting Underpayment Period (200512)This is the example of the ACT/DMI interest “Adjustments/Positions” 530 report for the 200512 underpayment period after netting has taken place as explained in the text. The top section of the report provides the title section with taxpayer identifying information and then the ACT/DMI status reflected on the left and right of the report.Report Title: 530 Adjustments/Positions - 20.2.14-10 Harmon CorporationTaxpayer Identifying Information:FED ** ***9999 Harmon Corporation 1120 Tax Period 200512ACT/DMI Status:Top Left:Run Method: IRS DefaultInterest To: 09102009GATT Method: Retain Character (New)LCU Method: Default IRSUnderpay Net Start: All Dates IncludedTop Right:Module Status: Open/(Open)GATT Date: 01011995 Amount $10,000LCU Interest Date: 09072007 Amount: $100,000Overpay Net Start: All Dates IncludedThe second section of the report provides the information on the rate equalizations for the impacted net rate modules.COMPUTED OFFSET/EQUALIZATIONSEqualizations that affect 99-9999999 200512 1120 Tax ModuleChange:99-99999992005121120Change:99-99999992007121120N-Amt236,014.14 Equalize to GATTN-Amt236,014.14 Use Prin GATT to EqualN-Beg03152008N-End12172008N-Beg03152008N-End12172008N-XRef99-99999992007121120N-XRef99-99999992005121120Balances in selected module that are still available for potential nettingAvailable Underpayment at Underpay Rate, 200,000.00 From 03162006 To 09072007Available Underpayment at LCU Rate 224,516.41 From 09082007 To 0315008Available Overpayment at Overpay Rate (8,377.25), From 12182008 To 09102009