Insurance Provider Fee (IPF) Process FlowchartStart HereThis is the start of the flowchartProcess 1Covered Entities send data to the IRS either electronically or paper no later than April 15th of the fee year.Process 2The IRS receives data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to be used for due diligenceProcess 3Paper Form 8963s received are transcribed into the IPF databaseProcess 4Electronically filed Form 8963s load into the IPF databaseProcess 5The IPF database stores the data receivedProcess 6Due diligence and data validation is performed by AnalystsProcess 7IPF database computes the Preliminary Fee and prepares the Preliminary Fee lettersProcess 8Preliminary Fee letters are sent to the Covered EntitiesProcess 9The IRS receives a corrected Form 8963 from Covered EntitiesIf yes, proceed to Process 10 If no, proceed to Process 11Process 10The Analysts perform due diligence and data validation of the corrected Form 8963Process 11The IPF database computes the Final Fee and prepares the Final Fee lettersProcess 12Analysts review the Final Fee calculation and the lettersProcess 13Final Fee letters are sent to the Covered EntitiesProcess 14Payments are received form the Covered EntitiesIf yes, proceed to Process 16If no, proceed to Process 17Process 15Payment postings are verifiedProcess 16If no payment is received, collection procedures are followedProcess 17If a Covered Entity files a claim, claim procedures are followedProcess 18If no claim is filed, no further action is takenEndThis is the end of the flowchart.