Pictured is the organization chart for the Division Counsel/Associate Chief Counsel (Criminal Tax), shown reporting to the Chief Counsel through the Deputy Chief Counsel (Technical) and the Deputy Chief Counsel (Operations). Also shown is a dotted line linking this organization to the Chief, Criminal Investigations.1. Reporting to the Division Counsel/Associate Chief Counsel (CT) are:Deputy Division Counsel/Deputy Associate Chief Counsel (CT)Senior Level CounselAssistant Chief Counsel National OfficeSpecial Counsels in Washington DC and Glynco, GASix Area Counsels2. Under Area Counsel 1 in Philadelphia are six posts of duty:BostonBuffaloHartfordLong IslandManhattanNewark3. Under Area Counsel 2 in Baltimore are six posts of duty:CincinnatiClevelandDetroitGreensboroLouisvilleRichmond4. Under Area Counsel 3 in Atlanta are four posts of duty:Ft. LauderdaleJacksonvilleMiamiNew Orleans5. Under Area Counsel 4 in Chicago are three posts of duty:IndianapolisSt. LouisSt. Paul6. Under Area Counsel 5 in Dallas are five posts of duty:AustinDenverHoustonLas VegasPhoenix7. Under Area Counsel 6 in Laguna Niguel are five posts of duty:Los AngelesSeattleSan DiegoSan FranciscoPortland