Figure 3.12.106-1, Editing AC 3 to the left of Section 01. The name control underprint in Field B denotes the presence of incorrect information. The AC is entered by the examiner on the register to the left of the correct section (in this case, Section 01). ACs 0, 1, 3 and 7 may not be used at the same time as any other AC. The following list provides a description of the data contained in the following individual fields, respectively:Field 01-A, Remittance Amount, is blank.Field 01-B, Name Control/Name Control Underprint (from Line 1a on Form 706-GS(D)), have the name control WET. The underprint of Field 01-B shows the name control as WHEA, denoting that Field 01-B might be in error. However, since no line is drawn through the entry in Field 01-B and no corrected entry is edited above the entry in Field B, the examiner cannot determine whether an error exists without performing name/TIN research.Field 01-C, Line 1b or 1c (Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)), have 000008715.Field 01-D, TIN Type (from the right margin of Line 1b on the return), is blank.Field 01-E, Tax Period (from the top margin of the return), have 201412, and have an asterisk, denoting that Field 01-E is in error.Field 01-F, Received Date (from the tax computation area of the return (near the middle of the page of the return)), have 20150415.Field 01-G, (Computer Condition Code (CCC)) , Field 01-H (Penalty and Interest (P&I) Code).Field 01-I (CAF Indicator).Field 01-J (Correspondence Received Date).Field 01-K (Entity Underprint Code).Field 01-L (Taxpayer Notice Code) are all blank.