Exhibit 3.12.106-1 Cont. 1 has the layout of the error register displaying the locations of the Section and Field Designations of the 706-GS(D) transcription lines (T-lines). The Error Resolution diagram is shown here (landscape view, turned on its end), with Sections 01, 02, and 03 having separate tables in reading order, left to right, by alpha designators, respectively, as followsFirst Line - Section 01A, RMITB, Name Control/C/GC, TIND, TIN TypeE, Tax Period, C/GF, Received DateG, CCCNext LineH, P&I CodeI, CAF IndicatorJ, CRD (Correspondence Received Date)K, Entity Underprint CodeL, TPNC (Taxpayer Notice Code)M, Refund CodeNext Line - Section 01 (Continued)N, Preparer's PTINO, Preparer's EINP, Preparer's Phone NumberNext Line - Section 02A, In Care of NameB, Foreign AddressC, Street AddressD, City/MCCE, StateF, ZIP codeNext Line - Section 03 (Please Note: Fields 03-A through 03-G (although listed with field names and designations on Error Record layout, were all blank for Form 706-GS(T))A, Tentative Total Transfer AmountB, Adjusted Allowable Expenses AmountC, Taxable Amount/Taxable Amount (C/G)D, Gross GST Tax/Gross GST Tax (C/G)E, Creditable State GST AmountF, Gross GST Limitation Amount/Gross GST Limitation Amount (C/G)Next Line - Section 03 (Continued)G, Allowable Credit AmountH, Net GST TaxI, 7004 Payment AmountJ, Balance Due/Overpayment/C/G