Exhibit 3.12.106-2 has a Form 706-GS(T) showing the Section and Field Designations of the transcription lines (T-lines) found on Page 1. The descriptions are provided in a reading order, from top to bottom, left to right, line by line.Field 01-E, Tax Period, located at top of return (center)Field 01-H, Penalty and Interest Code, located to center right beneath title line of the form, to left of the OMB NumberField 01-G, CCC, located in the left top margin of the Form 706-GS(T)Field 01-L, Taxpayer Notice Code, located in upper left margin of the form, directly beneath Field 01-GField 01-B, Name Control/Name Line, entity area of form (Part I, General Information), Line 1aField 01-C, TIN, entity area of form, Line 1bField 01-D, TIN Type, upper right margin of the form to right of the EINField 02-A, Name of Trustee, Line 2aNext LineField 02-B, Trustee's Address, Line 2aField 02-C, Trustee's Street Address, Line 2bField 02-D, Trustee's City/Major City Code, Line 2bField 02-E, Trustee's State Code, Line 2bField 02-F, Trustee's ZIP code, Line 2bField 01-I, CAF Indicator, in right margin, to right of the entity area following Fields 02-B through 02-FField 01-F, Received Date, lower center part of formField 01-J, Correspondence Received Date, located in the middle left margin of the formField 01-F, Received Date, located in the middle part of the form across from Field 01-JField 03-H, Total GST Tax, Line 7Field 03-I, Payment Amount, if any made with Form 7004, Line 8Field 03-J, Tax Due, Line 9Field 03-J, Overpayment, Line 10Field 01-A, Remittance Amount in the right margin to the right of Line 12Field 01-N, PTIN, Paid Preparer Use Only area (bottom right of form)Field 01-O, Firm's EIN, beneath the Preparer's PTINField 01-P, Phone Number, beneath the Firm's EIN