Exhibit 3.12.106-2 Cont. one has a layout of the error register displaying the locations of the Section and Field Designations of the 706-GS(T) transcription lines (T-lines).First Line - Section 01A, RMITB, Name Control/C/GC, TIN/EIND, TIN TypeE, Tax Period, C/GF, Received DateG, CCCNext LineH, P&I CodeI, CAF IndicatorJ, CRD (Correspondence Received Date)K, Entity Underprint CodeL, TPNC (Taxpayer Notice Code)M, Refund CodeNext Line - Section 02A, In-Care of NameB, Foreign AddressC, Street AddressD, City/MCCE, StateF, ZIP codeNext Line - Section 03Next LineH, GST Tax C/GI, 7004 Payment AmountJ, Balance Due/Overpayment/C/G