Routing Slip - URC 2 & 8TITLE: Figure 3.12.179-2, Form 8749 (Rev. 5-93) Unpostable Action and Routing Slip. Summary: This figure shows how to complete the appropriate boxes on an Unpostable action and routing slip for URC 2 & 8. The relevant boxes to fill out are labeled with reference numbers (in a black circle) and listed below. 1. From check boxes (1) Mark unpostables box4. Employee number (2) Your employee #5. Cycle sequence number (3) Unpostable Sequence #6. Unpostable Code (4) Unpostable Code7. Reason code (5) Unpostable Reason Code8. Master File check boxes (6) Mark appropriate Master File box9. Unpostable resolution code (UPRES/URC) check boxes (7) Mark appropriate box left of 2 or 810. Closure date (8) Indicate date case was closed on UPRES14. Route to check boxes (9) Employee # to whom the unpostable is being routed15. Reason case voided or rejected (10) Stop/Drop Point # where employee is located and reason unpostable is being voided back.16. Action to be Taken check boxes (11) Mark appropriate correction box17. Remarks box (12) Additional information, if necessary, for Rejects to close caseNote after figure, It is not necessary to complete items 11-12 for URC 2 closures.