UPC 152 Overview of Resolution for Name Control MismatchFigure 3.12.179-27 shows a flowchart of the name control mismatch. The process starts with decision one: Is the unpostable caused by a name control transcription error?If yes, resolve using URC A to post to Master FileIf no, proceed to decision BDecision B: Is the unpostable transaction for an injured spouse found on the VALID segment? If yes, post to the original TC 150. If there is no TC 150 posted, input a TC 013 and close using URC 0.If no proceed to Decision CDecision C: Was a different SSN located or are the SSN's reversed? If yes, resolve using URC 6If no proceed to Decision DDecision D: Has the taxpayer changed name? Yes, resolve using URC 5. If EC 2 or 3, include complete name line. If a payment other than TC 430, URC A to post to Master File.If no, proceed to Decision EDecision E: Was the unpostable taxpayer found on the valid and invalid segments with different names on both segments? If yes, check both sides for posted returns. Merge if possible. If unable to determine which side to post, URC 2 to originator. If unpostable is a return or payment, decide which side to post according to the latest information. If no, proceed to Decision FDecision F: Was the unpostable taxpayer found on the valid segment with a different name but a different taxpayer was found on the invalid segment? If yes, Follow the procedures for assigning a temporary SSN (IRSN) to the taxpayer established on the invalid segment of the Master File. Input TC 011. When invalid side is available, input TC 013 to move the Unpostable taxpayer to the invalid segment.If no and a different name or SSN for the unpostable taxpayer could not be located and the TC is 150 or 430, then follow procedures for assigning a temporary SSN (IRSN) to the unpostable taxpayer.End of flow chart.