UPC 156 RC 0 - URC 6 - Name Control MismatchFigure 3.12.179-30 shows the resolution when the Master File name control is updated. Form 1040 partial page one is displayed. First name: Gloria Jane. Last name: Cedar Beech. In the Filing Status section, Married filing separately box is checked. 000-00-4321 is entered on line for spouse's SSN. Notation: The taxpayer has three valid name controls, ASPE, CEDA and BEEC. The current name control is ASPE. Next is an INCHG screen showing TC 013 to correct the name control. NEW-NAME-CTRL entered is BEEC. The PRIMARY-NAME field has GLORIA J CEDAR] BEECH. YEAR-NM-LINE is highlighted. Notation: Input TC 013 to update the name line on the Master File. Also, displayed is an UPRES screen. 6B is highlighted on the first line. SSN 000-00-4321 is highlighted. The Entity Code (EC) is highlighted. BEEC is highlighted in the NAME field. Notations: Correct the name control using URC 6 with Definer Code B. If the Entity Code is 1,4 or 5, enter the complete name line on UPRES. If the Entity Code is 2 or 3, enter the name control only.