UPC 156 URC 6 - Resolution for Reversed SSN'sFigure 3.12.179-31 shows the resolution for name-control mismatch from reversed SSN's. Displayed is Form 1040 partial page one. In the label area, first name entered is Mark, Last name is Venus. Social Security number is entered as 000-00-1234. Spouse name field has first name, Janet and last name Venus. Spouse's Social Security number is entered as 000-00-5678. There are two arrows indicating that the social security numbers must be switched. Also, displayed is an UPRES screen for UPC 156, showing 6 was entered as the unpostable resolution code. The Entity code is highlighted. 000-00-5678 has been entered and is highlighted as the new social security number. 000-00-1234 is highlighted in the field SP#. Notation: If research indicates the SSN's are reversed, use URC 6 to correct both SSN's. If the Entity Code is other than 1, enter the name line.