This is an example of the National Taxpayer Advocate Briefing Transmittal, which is completed as part of NTA-HQ Case Closing Actions. This is reviewed by the LTA before faxing to the staff of the Taxpayer Account Operations. The Form includes: Reason for Briefing: fieldDate of Response: field Taxpayer(s): fieldLocation/Address: fieldTAS Received Date/To Whom and How Received {indicate received by telephone call, letter, e-mail, referral, etcetera}: fieldWhen and How Taxpayer Acknowledged {date of telephone call, letter, e-mail, referral, etcetera}: field Major Issue(s): field Major Issue(s): field Status {timeline of actions taken}: field Date Closed and How {if case not closed, indicate open, monitor and/or pending status and why. Indicate plan of action whenever possible}: field Assigned to {if case referred, indicate to whom and office assigned to}: field