Information may be disclosed only to those representatives whose names appear on the current list of GAO personnel designated to review IRS activities pursuant to IRC 6103(f)(4).Please remember that federal tax information may not be shared between GAO audit teams with similar topics. The authority to disclose federal tax information is specific to each audit.You and your staff are responsible for accounting for the disclosures of federal tax information. Your staff should ensure that all accounting information is provided to the proper organization for processing timely. This information is mandatory as the IRS is required by IRC 6103(p)(3) to provide an annual report to Congress regarding all federal tax information disclosed. Guidance on preparing the accounting information via Form 5466-B or a Narrative is provided in Attachment 1. Disclosures of non-tax information pertaining to individuals (as that term is used in the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552a)) must be accounted for pursuant to the Privacy Act, and in accordance with the instructions contained in IRM 10.5.6. You and your staff are welcome to contact me, or the *Audit Coordination mailbox, regarding any questions on the coordination of this audit.Thank you very [Primary Audit Liaison]Attachment