Business Unit Accounting Procedures via Narrative of Accounting:6103(f)(1)/ Finance, or Ways and Means, or JCT (taxation studies);6103(f)(2)/JCT (taxation studies);6103(f)(3)/ other congressional committees (taxation studies); 6103(f)(4)(A) or (B)/ GAO/ JCT (taxation studies); 6103(i)(8)(A)(i)/ GAO (non-tax audit of IRS)5) Name of agency receiving the information: Provide name and address of the agency receiving the information6) Location of IRS office retaining a copy of disclosed information: Indicate IRS office location where a record of the disclosed information is maintained. 7) Nature of documents disclosed: Describe method of disclosure (e.g., a verbal disclosure, an electronic disclosure, inspection of records, paper copy of record) Forward the completed narrative of accounting at time of disclosure, or no later than January 15 for the prior year disclosures, to *PGLD Disclosure Accounting.Questions/ concerns can be forwarded to the Disclosure points of contact Ron Mele and Deb Middleton.