Form 13872 Closure ChecklistThe purpose of this checklist is to assist JAMES Audit Coordinators (JACs) in preparing closure packages for review and implementation. This is not an all-inclusive list; therefore, please reference the current version of the Form 13872 Instructions and IRM 1.29.1, Audit Coordination Process, for additional support.Complete all necessary data fields on Form 13872:Box 1Enter Report title, Report number, Planned Corrective Action (PCA number) directly from Final Report.Ensure the Report title in box 1a matches the Report title in JAMES Note: the full title may not fully populate in Joint Audit Management Enterprise System (JAMES) due to character limitations. Enter the Report number in box 1b to match the Report number identified in JAMES.Include the audit number (or Engagement/Job Code number) from JAMES (this can be found under “Display Audit or Show Report”). Confirm the corrective action number in box 1c matches the corrective action number in JAMES.Box 4Select current PCA Status To close an open PCA, Box 4a must show Implement PCA.For extension requests, box 4a must show Delay/Extend PCA.For milestone status updates, box 4a must show Milestone PCA Status Update. Ensure the effective date accurately reflects when the specific action was completed. Does the effective date reflect when the last action was completed?Is there evidence to support the effective date?Does the effective date occur prior to the approving official signature in 10d?Reason for DelayFor PCA extensions, complete box 4c.This field should agree to the JAMES field for “Most Recent Due Date Change Reason”.This field should agree to the JAMES field for “Most Recent Due Date Change Reason”.Box 5Enter the recommendation language verbatim from the Final Report.Box 6Enter the corrective action language verbatim from the Management Response within the Final Report.