Box 10Double check approving executive sign off Obtain executive signature, title, and date (Item 10a - 10d).All officials using an electronic signature must ensure date signed field matches signature date. Please note at this time SEIDs are currently allowed in the signature box. The responsible manager and executive cannot be the same. Duplicate signatures will not be accepted.Signoff dates should not be BEFORE the implementation date.Acting officials should include appropriate designation document with the supporting documentation such as Designation Authority, F10247, email, or a screen print from the IRS Executive Directory.Box 11Checkbox Signatories of this form should: Attest the supporting documentation does not include PII, FTI or SBU.Confirm with program owner prior to submitting to JAMES that the documentation contains none of the above sensitive information.Supporting documentationThings to Remember:Ensure evidentiary documentation supports the effective date listed on the F13872.Upload F13872 and PCA supporting documentation in JAMES. Be sure to delete any files uploaded in error.Do not include PII, SBU, and FTI in the supporting documentation.Ensure all SEIDs, are redacted from evidentiary documentation. SEIDs are allowed in the signature box.Any documentation that includes PII, SBU, and FTI should be stored outside of JAMES. Contact EAM using the *Audit Coordination or to have documentation stored on a secured shared drive. Ensure email is marked secured and include the associated PCA number in the subject line.PCA documentation: sufficient to persuade a disinterested third-party person that the corrective action was successfully implemented.PCA documentation: Relevant. Valid. Reliable. (Yellow Book GAO-12-331G). Support Documentation Decision Table. F13872 – (current version)Form 13872 (Rev. 7-2020) (