Line 6f with Partial Supporting DocumentationThis figures shows the editing of line 6f. Line 6f reads Section 1446(f)(1) tax withheld from the partnership identified on Line 1a for a disposition of an interest in a partnership engaged in the conduct of a U.S. trade or business (enter only amounts reported on Form(s) 8288-A and attach the Form(s) 8288-A to Form 8804).Line 6f has an entry figure of $40000 which has been X’d out and a new entry figure of $7000 has been edited to the left of the X’d out $40000.This figure shows a Form 8288-A prepared by the Transferee Cypress Fir and provided to Dogwood LTD to report the income and claim the withholding.Form 8288-AWithholding Agent Name/street address/city/state/zip code Box: Cypress FirIdentification number of foreign person subject to withholding Box: 00-1122333Name of foreign person’s subject to withholding Box: Acacia LTDForeign address Box: 1234 Pine Way DK-1000 Copenhagen Denmark and DA is edited in red in box 7 for Country CodeBox 1 Date of Transfer: 07/15/23Box 4 Federal Income Tax Withholding: $7,000Box 6 Person subject to withholding is: checkbox partnership is marked and the word Partnership appears in the space to the right of the checkboxBox 8 Description of Property Transferred: Vacant LandThis figure also shows Page 2 of Form 8804 with the following lines containing entries.Form 8804, Page 2Line 5d - Multiply line 4p by 25% (.25). . . $7,500Line 5f - Add Lines 5a through 5e. . . $7,500Line 6f - $40,000 {The $40,000 has been X'd out and a new amount of $7,000 has been edited in red ink to the left of the X'd entryLine 7 - Total payments: Add lines 6a through 6g. . . $7,000 {The $40,000 has also been X'd out.}Line 9 - Add Lines 5f and 8 $7,500