Form 8288 - Roadmap of Field designators - Page 1This exhibit illustrates the transcription lines involved with processing Form 8288 Page 1. Field 01-A - The Remittance Amount is in the top right side margin of Form 8288.Field 01-B - The Tax Period is edited on the right of the title of the form on the top of the page.Field 01-C - The Name Line, and Field 01D - The name control is located on Line 1a.Field 01-E - The Tax Identification Number is on Line 1e.Field 01-F - The TIN TYPE is at the end of the row where the TIN number is at, Line 1e.Field 01-G - The Part Number is edited in the Left outside margin of Part I, Part II, and Part III.Field 01-H - The In Care of Name Line, Field 01-I domestic or Field 01-J foreign street address is on Line 1c.Field 01-K - The Domestic or Foreign city, Field 01-L state or Field 01-M postal code is on Line 1d.Field 01-N - The Taxpayer Telephone number is on Line 1e.Field 01-O - The Correspondence Received Date is edited in the right outside margin at end of Line 1c.Field 01-P - The IRS Received Date is edited in the middle of Line 2.Field 01-R - The Computer Condition Code is edited in the left outside margin of Line 2.Field 01-S - The Taxpayer Notice Code (TPNC) is edited in the upper left corner margin of the page.Field 02-A - The Property Description is on Line 2.Field 02-B - The Date of Transfer is on Line 3.Field 02-C - The Date of withholding certificate is on Line 4.Field 02-D -The number of Form 8288-A or 8288-C attached is on Line 5.Field 02-E - Amount subject to withholding at 15 percent (edited from Line 6 and 10).Field 02-F - Amount subject to withholding at 10 percent (edited from Line 6, 10 or 13).Field 02-G - Reduced Withholding Indicator are the checkboxes located on Lines 7c, 11d, and 14b.Field 02-H - Amount Subject to withholding at 21 percent (edited from Line 10).Field 02-I - Total Tax is located on Lines 7a, 7b, 7c, 11a, 11b, 11c, 11d, 14a, and 14b.Field 02-J - Large trust election to withhold checkbox located on Line 9.Field 02-K - Bypass indicator located in the right side margin next to Line 8, 12 and 15.