The graphic is a picture of Form 3870, Request for Adjustment filled out as follows: Box 1, enter TIN, Cross reference TIN is the same as TIN. Box 2, enter Name of Partnership, telephone number as provided per correspondence, see INOLES for Street address, City, State and ZIP code. Box 3 The TC box is selected with an X. Box 4 MFT 06. Box 5 Period ending is the last filed return. Box 6 Assessment date is the date on the determination letter. Box 7 Letter is selected with an X. Box 8 DLN is blank. Box 9 Renumbered DLN is blank. Box 10 No is selected with an X. Box 11, Reason for Adjustment states the following: Taxpayer has filed a paper request to revoke its 754 election. This request has been reviewed by the agent and approved. The paper request now needs to be associated with the e-filed return. Per IRM a paper record is associated with an e-filed return by creating a refile DLN so documents can be attached to the electronically filed return's DLN. This is accomplished by inputting a T/C 290 in the amount of 0.00. See IRM for additional information.