Accessibility Guide for IRS2Go



About this guide

This guide is intended to assist individuals with disabilities in their use of the IRS2Go mobile application. The guide will provide direction in accessing the features available in IRS2Go using specific technologies, including native screen readers (VoiceOver for iOS and iPadOS, and TalkBack for Android), and an external keyboard.

Application overview

IRS2Go is a mobile application for iOS, iPadOS, and Android phones and tablets. It lets taxpayers to check the status of their tax refund, make a payment, find free tax preparation assistance, sign up for helpful tax tips, generate a login security code, access IRS social media channels. 

Users can download the app by searching for “IRS2Go” in their device’s official app store or by following app store links at

Both iOS and Android Applications will have the same features and functionality.

Information for specific technologies, issues, and guidance

In addition to built-in mobile screen readers (VoiceOver and TalkBack) and keyboards, the application can be used with an external keyboard. The application works best with the native built-in mobile keyboards.

Here is the guidance for standard Actions and Commands when using screen readers with the external keyboard.

iOS and iPad OS

VoiceOver Actions and Commands for iOS and iPadOS with external keyboard:

Action Commands
Find the next heading VO - Command - H
Find the previous heading VO - Command - Shift - H
Find the next control VO - Command - J
Find the previous control SHIFT + TAB
Find the next Table VO - Command - T
Find the previous Table VO - Command - Shift - T
Find the next Link VO - Command - L
Find the previous Link VO - Command - Shift - L
Find the next Paragraph VO - Shift - Page Down
Find the previous Paragraph VO - Shift - Page Up
Read the next Sentence VO - Command - Page Down
Read the next Line VO - Down Arrow
Read the previous Line VO - Up Arrow
Read everything visible in the window or the Dock, or on your desktop, depending on your location VO - Shift - W

IRS2Go has the following known accessibility issues on iOS and iPadOS:

External keyboard navigation:

When navigating with an external keyboard, the following issues have been observed:

  • On the Free Tax Prep Site Locator screen, there is a frequent keyboard trap once the user sets focus to the Search field.  Unable to navigate the location lists with VO+ arrow or Tab keys.


  • Screen titles are announced the first time the user is interacting with the screen. After the initial interaction with the screen, the user needs to swipe backwards to get to the page content as the focus is set to the bottom of the screen.
  • For the fields that use a numeric keyboard, the Back and Right arrows of the keyboard are announced as "possibly". This issue applies specifically to iOS version 13.

Payments screen:

  • On the “Pay by Cards” screen, the rotor does not find headings with the names of the card processing websites or the “Fees and Information.” This is related to a Tab view loaded each time the user scrolls down/up and only visible headings are exposed to a screen reader.

Android operating system

TalkBack Actions and Commands for Android devices with external keyboard:

Action Commands
Move to next item Alt + Shift + Right arrow
Move to previous item: Alt + Shift + Left arrow Alt + Shift + Left arrow
Move to first item Alt + Shift + Up arrow
Move to last item Alt + Shift + Down arrow
Click focused element Alt + Shift + Enter
Back Alt + Shift + Backspace
Home Alt + Shift + H
Recent apps/Overview Alt + Shift + R
Notifications Alt + Shift + N
Search the screen Alt + Shift + / (forward slash)
Next navigation setting Alt + Shift + Equals (=)
Previous navigation setting Alt + Shift + Minus (-)
Open global context menu Alt + Shift + G
Open local context menu Alt + Shift + L
Stop TalkBack speech Control
Pause or resume TalkBack Alt + Shift + Z


IRS2Go has the following known accessibility issues on Android:


  • When navigating with an external keyboard, there is loss of focus on all screens before the Refund tab and Security tab. Users need to tab once before the visible focus is seen.
  • On some screens, focus may go to the top of the screen instead of the previously selected control when navigating backwards.
  • Navigation tabs are missing a Role that is programmatically determinable. The workaround for the missing bottom navigation Role is provided in the form of the hints that are given to the user to double tap on a tab to go to the screen content.

Refund Status screen:

  • The page title is not announced by a screen reader when the user swipes to the Refund Status tab, and the focus remains on the navigation tabs.
  • When the user types the first digit in the SSN number field, Talkback reads "Maximum length reached". However, this does not prevent the user to enter all digits correctly.
  • TalkBack announces there are 6 items in the Filing Status dropdown list which only contains 5 items. Talkbacks counts the empty placeholder for the dropdown menu. The workaround for this issue is to swipe through all the items that are part of the dropdown in order to hear the 5 items and make a selection of the appropriate Filing Status.

Refund Status results screen:

  • When the user tries to update/correct the SSN number, the cursor stays at the beginning of the field. The workaround for this issue: Open Local Context Menu by swiping top right.  Select Edit options>Move Cursor to end and then use Backspace to delete each digit.

Free Tax Prep Site Locator Details screen:

  • When viewing location details for a free tax preparation site location, selecting the phone number does not open the keypad.
  • When viewing location details for a free tax preparation site location, headings are not used to describe the content.