Publication 850 (EN-KR) (08/2018), English- Korean Glossary of Tax Words and Phrases

Used in Publications Issued by the IRS

Revised: August 2018

Publication 850 (EN-KR) - Introductory Material


This glossary has been developed in cooperation with numerous professional translators and editors. Its purpose is to establish high standards for the quality of language usage, to promote uniformity in language usage, and to minimize the risk of misinterpretation of Korean-language materials issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

This glossary is being issued, among other things, to provide a foundation for translation of federal tax terminology. It must be noted that invention and compromise are always involved in selecting words and phrases to describe certain tax concepts that may have no precise equivalent in the Korean language or legal tradition.

The terms in this glossary are among the most commonly used in documents published by the IRS. They are presented in English with Korean translations.

This glossary isn’t a legal document and none of the terms found in it should be understood to change the meaning of any provisions of law, regulations, or any other authoritative precedent. Although a reader may understand terms as translated to have particular meanings, the legal meanings of the terms are controlled by the law, regulations, and administrative and judicial decisions. A periodic review is made to determine whether any additions, deletions, or revisions are needed.

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