Form 5558 Reminders


Plan sponsors and administrators use Form 5558 to request an extension of time to file Form 5500 series or Form 8955-SSA.

Do not list more than one plan

Do not list more than one plan on Form 5558. A separate Form 5558 must be used for each return for which an extension is requested, although a single Form 5558 may be used to extend the Form 5500 and Form 8955-SSA filed for the same plan.

The IRS will not process Forms 5558, Application for Extension of Time To File Certain Employee Plan Returns, requesting extensions for more than one plan or with attached lists of plans. 

Signature requirements

Extension requests for:

  • Form 5330
    The extension form must be signed by a:
    • Plan administrator
    • Employer,
    • Plan sponsor, or
    • An individual or authorized representative permitted to sign the Form 5330.
  • Form 5500 series or Form 8955-SSA extensions
    • The extension form doesn’t need to be signed.