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Automatic Exemption Revocation for Non-Filing: Effect on Private Foundation

My organization is a private foundation and appears on the Auto-Revocation List. Is the organization still treated as a private foundation? Is the organization required to continue filing Form 990-PF?

A private foundation listed on the Automatic Revocation of Exemption List  for failure to file Form 990-PF for three consecutive years automatically loses its tax-exempt status, but remains classified as a private foundation. A nonexempt private foundation must continue to file Form 990-PF every year, and remains subject to excise taxes. A nonexempt, or taxable, private foundation may also be required to file a federal income tax return (Form 1120 or Form 1041) and pay any applicable income taxes.

A nonexempt private foundation can only terminate its private foundation status under the provisions of section 507 of the Internal Revenue Code. See Terminating Private Foundation Status.

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Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 31-Mar-2017