Suspensions pursuant to Code Section 501(p)


Under section 501(p) of the Internal Revenue Code, no deduction is allowed under any provision of the Code for any contribution to an organization during any period in which the organization’s tax exemption is suspended under section 501(p). No deduction is allowed under any provision of the Code for contributions made to the following organizations during the suspension period:

Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, Inc.
Ashland, Oregon

Benevolence International Foundation, Inc.
Palos Hills, Illinois

Global Relief Foundation, Inc.
Bridgeview, Illinois

Goodwill Charitable Organization Inc.,   f/k/a Al-Shahid Social Association and f/k/a Educational Development Association
Dearborn, Michigan

Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development
Richardson, Texas

Islamic African Relief Agency – USA
a/k/a Islamic American Relief Agency – USA
Columbia, Missouri

Rabbi Meir Kahane Memorial Fund
Cedarhurst, New York

Tamil Foundation, Inc.
Cumberland, MD

Tamils Rehabilitation Organization Inc.
Cumberland, Maryland

The Treasury Department website provides additional guidance and listings of charitable organizations designated by executive order as potential fundraising front organizations.

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