Help for the Public - Credit Counseling Resources

Agency Resource  Description
IRS  Search for Charities  An on-line tool to help individuals determine if an organization is recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3)
IRS Fact Sheet 2003-17 IRS Takes Steps to Ensure Credit Counseling Organizations Comply with Requirements for Tax-Exempt Status
Joint IR-2003-120, Oct. 14, 2003

 IRS, FTC and State Regulators Urge Care When Seeking Help from Credit Counseling Organizations (joint news release)

FTC* Before You File for Personal Bankruptcy   Information about credit counseling and debtor education
USTP**  Credit Counseling and Debtor Education  Information for individuals seeking credit counseling, including a listing of agencies approved to provide pre-bankruptcy counseling (by judicial district)
USTP  Frequently Asked Questions - Credit Counseling  USTP frequently asked questions about pre-bankruptcy credit counseling
USTP Census Bureau, IRS Data and Administrative Expenses Explanation of, and resources to help with, new requirements imposing a means test upon some individuals seeking bankruptcy protection, with links to data needed to complete official bankruptcy forms


*Federal Trade Commission

**United States Trustee Program, Department of Justice