Sample Questions - Government Affiliate


Applications for exemption and miscellaneous determination requests are assigned to Exempt Organizations specialists for review. If additional information is necessary to make a determination, a specialist will contact the organization for the information. Here’s a list of questions that might be asked on this topic.

1. Submit a copy of any ruling or determination you have from the IRS regarding any of the following items (if you have more than one ruling or determination on any of the following items, please submit all the rulings and/or determinations you have):

a. Your income is excludable from gross income under Section 115;

b. You are entitled to receive deductible contributions under Section 170(c)(1) because contributions to you are for the use of governmental units; or

c. For employment tax purposes, you are a wholly owned instrumentality of one or more states or political subdivisions of a state.  

2. If you do not have a ruling or determination described above, please provide responses to the following:

a. Were you created by one or more governmental units, organizations that are affiliates of governmental units, or public officials acting in their official capacity? If yes, provide a detailed description.

b. Provide a detailed statement of your support and fundraising activities, including the amount of your support that is received from taxes, tolls, fines, government appropriations or fees; the amount of your support that is from government grants or 
    contract payments; the amount of your support that is from public fund-raising activities; the percentage of your time spent on public fund-raising efforts; and a description of your public fund-raising efforts.

c. Are you required to report to a governmental unit(s), at least annually, information that is comparable to that required on the Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax? If yes, describe the information you report. Your description should include whether any such reports are submitted voluntarily or whether they are submitted pursuant to a government grant or contract.

d. Are you subject to financial audits by the governmental units? If so, describe the circumstances, including whether the audits are conducted pursuant to a government grant or contract.

e. Does a governmental unit, an organization that is an affiliate of a governmental unit, or a public official acting in their official capacity have the authority to appoint or remove your directors or officers? If yes, describe in the circumstances in detail.

f. Does a governmental unit, an organization that is an affiliate of a governmental unit, or a public official acting in their official capacity have direction over your policies, programs, and activities? If yes, describe the circumstances in detail.

g. Do you have any taxable subsidiaries or participate in joint ventures with non-exempt entities? If yes, describe those activities and entities in detail.

h. Do any of your activities provide any benefits to private interests? If yes, describe them in detail.

Additional information

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